Corporate Citizenship

Since the launch of From Beginning in 2009, 

numerous brands to this point have disappeared from the client’s memories.

However, Beginning Retail Inc. has continuously

led domestic trends and has been diligently striving towards

becoming a global fashion & beauty company.

We are here because of our clients who remember and cherish us, 

our footsteps remain, and we will be together with our clients as a

member of the societal community.

Our relationships with our clients is everything to

Beginning Retail Inc. and all our activities are focused on our clients.

Customer Value

Beginning a brand new day. 

Beginning Retail Inc. will make your everyday

life refreshing with new designs.

Timeless Goods

Like seeing an old friend, wearing good clothing

every year doesn’t get tiring or boring. 

We wish to be your old acquaintance.

Good Quality

To maintain the thrilling experience when receiving a package, we meticulously inspect and deliver every order, 

and devise ways to develop better products.

Reasonable Price

Hoping that one more client can experience

our brand, we propose non-burdensome

and reasonable prices.

Social Responsibility

Having the conscientious mentality of sharing and giving, 

we sympathize and contribute to the solutions of social problems and create together the development of society

for symbiotic values.

Sustainable Management

Having clear and just HR and efficient management, 

we push forward for the continuous management task of creating a work environment to materialize societal values.


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Tel.  1599-2219 (AM 10:00 ~ PM 5:00)
Address. 9-32, Wausan-ro 26-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea