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Overdue Flair, a designer brand that draws attention in the fashion industry

W Concept Korea's remarkable brand Overdue Flair, which is leading the growth of designer brands, is showing an active attitude in strengthening its brand this season.

Under the concept of vintage colors and patterns and modern yet simple silhouettes, Overdue Flair has launched its brand for the first time in 2018.

So far, there have been five season campaigns, especially during the 19FW season, which has been highly popular with consumers.

The Outer line, which has become the flagship product of Overdue Flair, is loved as a steady seller every season, especially this season's Tailored Blazer, vintage crop jacket and tweed coats are sold out in the first and second rounds of preorders. Also, this season, color blocks are the key point of the hood product, which can be worn comfortably as a daily item.

Based on such stable skills and design, Overdue Flair is preparing to proceed with more active brand development, according to the official.


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