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FROM BEGINNING.… Mustang, Hand-made coat, knit, etc. 2020 winter collection launching “Get winter clothes.”

  • Season slogan using ‘www’, a symbol of online, in line with the untact era.
  • Updating products that can do styling unique outfits at the year-end.
  • Planning the bestsellers’ discount event for winter preparations, and available for purchase at up to 40% off.

FROM BEGINNING, a 20s women’s fashion brand with daily & unique concept, announced that they’re going to release the winter regular seasonal collection through their shopping mall.

The winter collection launched by FROM BEGINNING has ‘Winter With Wearable’ as the slogan, and the season slogan using www, which is a symbol of online, attracts attention in line with the untact era. It is composed of a variety of winter clothing items that are unique and daily, so it is expected to focus on style curating, which has been regarded as the biggest advantage of FROM BEGINNING.

Many products that are suitable for the end of the year will be updated. For example, knits that are good to coordinate with winter daily inners such as loose fit sweaters and alpaca collar T-shirts, reversible mustang that can be used in two ways, herringbone handmade coat that not only keeps off the cold but also is stylish, MORE JEAN wide-fit jeans that are constantly loved, velvet jogger pants with feelings of warmth by a soft touch and gloss, and check pattern pleated long skirt with a Christmas atmosphere, etc.

Various promotions to commemorate the opening of the winter collection are also prepared. There will be a discount event for winter best products, including handmade coats, dumble jackets, turtleneck knits, and warm T-shirts, and can be purchased at up to 40% discount. This discount event will be hold at the same time as the winter collection opens, and participation is possible through the FROM BEGINNING shopping mall.

In addition, a quiz event to commemorate the opening of the winter collection is underway through SNS. You can check the details of this event that will be offered a new outer worth a total of KRW 1 million as a prize through FROM BEGINNING's official Instagram.

Meanwhile, FROM BEGINNING, a women's clothing shopping mall, is a brand that quickly catches seasonal trends, updates about 20 new products every day, and develops basic and unique products, and you can meet them through various channels such as ZIGZAG, BRANDI, NAVER SMART STORE, A-BLY, 11 STREET, and CODIBOOK, etc.


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