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Joint promotion of W Concept to celebrate the opening of Overdue Flair's "2019 Hot Summer Season Collection"

Retro vintage designer brand "Overdue Flair" launched the 2019 Hot Summer Collection for a summer season following the presummer season collection in May.

Overdue Flair has been selected as W Concept's Exclusive brand and has been selling as the main brand since 2018, and will hold a joint promotion from June 7 at the same time as the opening of the Hot Summer Season collection.

Starting with the 2018 F/W collection, Overdue Flair, a designer brand created with the motif of retro vintage sensibility, is presenting a highly sensitive collection with luxurious materials, subsidiary materials and high-quality silhouettes. The 2019 Spring Collection received a great response from consumers for its more complete sensuous design and quality, and the 2019 Hot Summer Collection is also drawing keen attention as it received a lot of love calls from celebrities.

The concept of the 2019 hot summer season was inspired by vintage accessories on her mother's dressing table and developed into a matching look, featuring 17 different items, including T-shirts, pants and dresses that highlighted retro pastel colors and feminist silhouettes.
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Among them, retro-emotional dresses are attracting a lot of attention, and they are highly praised for their practicality by applying a fabric mixed with rayon and linen based on a voluminous texture of cotton material that can be worn coolly even in the summer as well as sensuous details.

To commemorate the opening of the season collection, the company will hold a 5% discount promotion with W Concept for about 10 days from June 7.


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