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Women's clothing brand FromBeginning's colorful fashion campaign, opening PLAY B to reflect trends

FromBeginning, a women's clothing brand, will open campaign PLAY B using film cameras, which are popular as a recent trend.

Most of the previous filming of FromBeginning, a women's clothing shopping mall, was done with daily filming and overseas location shooting, but FromBeginning's PLAY B campaign, which was introduced this time, was a little bit out of the ordinary daily filming and was intended for a different image, it said.

In order to put down the ordinary daily life for a while and show a witty and free atmosphere, the filming was conducted with the keyword "comfort."

"We have launched a campaign to improve the quality of the fashion pictorials presented by high-end fashion brands," said a marketing officer at FromBeginning. "We will open about 13 products through Play B pictorials."


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